New Wave Cut of the Day: Robert Marlow “Claudette”

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Robert Marlow grew up kicking around Basildon, England with Vince Clarke, later of Depeche Mode. In 1983 Marlow and Clarke recorded a few singles, which were released on Reset Records. The tapes remained sitting in a storage room until 1999, when Energy Records released the songs as an album called The Peter Pan Effect. “Claudette” is apparently about a love affair in Nazi-occupied Paris. Love the Accordion and Beatlesque strings.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Fischer Z “Marliese”

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Fischer Z (pronounced “fish’s head”) were little known in the U.S., although very popular in mainland Europe. They scored a minor hit in the U.S. with “So Long” in 1980. “Marliese” is from their third album, “Red Skies Over Paradise” (’81). I am a sucker for a big, emotional, 80s chorus (especially when it’s about a chick), and this tune delivers. Allmusic describes Watts’s vocals as “Pete Townsend on helium.” Oh Marliese!

New Wave Cut of the Day: Pearl Harbor & The Explosions “You Got It”

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Allmusic: “Pearl Harbor & the Explosions was one of the first American new wave groups. The band was formed in San Francisco in 1978 by vocalist Pearly Gates, guitarist Peter Bilt, bassist Hilary Stench, and drummer John Stench. The group became a Bay Area favorite and was an integral part of a fertile new wave scene that also spawned Romeo Void, Translator, and Wire Train.” The song “You Got It” (1980) is a forgotten power pop classic.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Deux “Game & Performance”

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Deux was a French postpunk band. According to this article: “The duo formed when GĂ©rard Pelletier moved to Lyon and met art school student Cati Tete.” This cut appears on the Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1. I love the fan video made from clips of the best sci fi movie of all time.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Rational Youth “Coboloid Race”

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New wave cut of the day. This is a monster dark synth track from 1982. I love the slinky fat synth sound and paranoid, sci-fi lyrics. Maybe Rational Youth were hoping to get this song included on the Blade Runner soundtrack. “This living layer / Planet mushroom cage / We live in cubes in space / Coboloid Race.” You have to hand it to the Canadians: there is more up in those woods than maple syrup.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Troy Tate “Love Is” (Dance Mix)

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Troy Tate kicked around in several new wave and punk bands, including “The Teardrop Explodes,” before signing to Rough Trade as a solo artist. He also produced the debut album by The Smiths, who thought it sounded bad and re-recorded the album with someone else. Must have made Tate feel good, eh? “Love Is” (’83) starts off sounding like Front 242, and then goes pop in the hummable chorus.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Pylon “Crazy”

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Athens gave us the B-52s, Pylon, and … what’s that other band? Like the B-52s, Pylon went to New York and met with some success. They even toured with U2 before falling apart. The catchy “Crazy” was released as a single in 1981 on Db Records. You might recognize this one because R.E.M. covered it. To hear another side of Pylon, check out the Gang of Four-ish “Dub.”

New Wave Cut of the Day: Bill Nelson “Eros Arriving”

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Bill Nelson must do nothing but record. He would sometimes release five albums in a single year. This single from 1982 is a great piece of dance-oriented, new wave pop that shows the influence of Talking Heads and David Bowie. I love the weirdo Western banjo interludes.

New Wave Cut of the Day: Modern Eon “Euthenics”

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This postpunk band has a sad story. They released one good album Fiction Tales (’81), which went nowhere, and then the band dissolved. I guess that makes them one-no-hit wonders. “Euthenics” is a dark, guitar-based tune (with somewhat silly synthesized video game swoops) that reminds me a bit of The Chameleons recording in an echo chamber. The guitar work has a surfy feel sometimes. Check the heavy tom work in the drums.

New Wave Cut of the Day: The Reds “Whatcha’ doin’ to me”

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Philadelphia’s The Reds debuted in 1979 on A&M records. This song is punk-fueled power pop. It cooks! The Reds are cool for no other reason than Michael Mann hired them to score the film “Manhunter” (the first film adaptation of Thomas Harris’s “Red Dragon”) and episodes of “Miami Vice.”

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